We are industry leading experts skilled in micro electro mechanical systems design, development and manufacturing, and integration in products and equipment to advance smart systems and artificial intelligence across a wide range of market

Markets-MEMS technology transformed the mobile phone into a smart phone. The same can be said for all electronic watches which were transformed into smart watches, and other everyday items that became smart electronics. This is all possible through ultra-miniature analogue devices transforming physical data into cyber digital data under serious space constraints. These devices, and their applications have helped create the opportunity and information required for artificial intelligence.

Our Services

We turn your concepts into reality by modeling, designing, and prototyping your sensor or integrated system of MEMS, sensors, and heterogeneous components.  In many cases, commercially available technology exists and can be integrated into a system that will bring the “smart” to your application.  We handle all of your development needs from device design, fabrication, system integration, software/API.  We also develop MEMS & Sensor containing products such as wearable electronics. Staffing a full MEMS/Sensor team is very costly.  We are the industry’s outsource MEMS & Sensors experts, saving you time and money with our agile, co-innovation business model.

Telecom and Infrastructure

Mobile infrastructure with increasing bandwidth requires more accurate timing devices that are robust and immune to earth and LEO environments, including suspension on microcell-5G towers, as well as low earth orbit. This technology must be immune to shock, vibration, impact and extreme environments where equipment sits for decades in uncontrolled environments.

Mobile and Consumer

There are up to 25 timing devices in each mobile phone. This requires high reliability, low cost, PCB mountable, multiple frequency devices. From fitness trackers, smart watches, virtual reality glasses and integrated sensors for IoT applications, MEMS power all of these devices.

Automotive and Mobility

MEMS provide for indispensable acceleration, vibration, impact, GPS location, automated driver assistance, and safety systems. These all require durability and reliability. Some of the key areas where MEMS are vital in this industry are autonomous vehicles, telemetry, smart mobility, V2V, and smart cities.


MEMS are vital in the sensors that detect heart rate, heart rate variability, blood pressure, hypertension and stress. Without MEMS we would have a much harder time understanding and collecting information on anxiety, temperature, sleep quality, breathing quality and patterns, integrated thermal sensors and venous analysis.


Industrial automation, network connectivity, remote monitoring, remote controlling, asset monitoring, supply chain and logistics are all made possible through the use of MEMS. Through the use of MEMS, we are able to collect and analyze big data, creating data analytics and driving artificial intelligence and machine learning.


This industry requires robust, high reliability device technology

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