MEMS & Sensor technology is advancing rapidly and still in it’s infancy. 

Our experience started before heterogeneous integration, 3D packaging, wafer level packaging, SIP, MEMS & Sensor Fusion became the explosive growth factor of today’s dynamic electronics industry.  We then grew the industry by executing strategic innovation initiatives that successfully converted the aging electronics value chain to a Disruptive Innovation Value Chain.  Now we drive innovation for our strategic partners to enable industries to realize technology such as the Internet of Things (IoT), smart integrated electronics, sensor systems, sensor fusion, silicon photonics, and 3D packaging.

Our experts have deep domain knowledge in modeling, design, layout, fabrication, and scale up with core focus on microelectro-mechanical systems, sensors, packaging, testing, and system level integration. 

Our Vision

To be the leading MEMS consulting firm serving companies who prefer to outsource the development of smart electronics, instead of staffing the multi-disciplined engineers and scientists required to bring solutions to market. Our business model takes advantage of decades of world class experience, accelerates your time to market and reduces fixed costs on project budgets.

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